Ebba Brahe was a woman of the 17th century whose character and great beauty led a young Swedish king to fall in love with her. The kings mother never accepted Gustav II Adolf’s love for the beautiful countess and although he sought to marry her, they never did.  As a sign of his affection for her, Gustav II Adolf gave Ebba Brahe a magnificent pearl necklace.
Ebba Brahe was in many ways a modern businesswoman and an entrepreneur who successfully managed the running of several estates, castles and a mining business as well as giving birth to 14 children. She was a woman of the court and had a great interest in fashion and jewellery.
When she died at the age of 78 the pearls were passed on to the next generation. 400 years later, the necklace remains in the possession of the family of Charlotte Ramel, still bearing witness to the romantic secret.
Charlotte Ramel is a Swedish jewellery designer who was born in Uppsala in 1971. She developed an interest in jewellery at an early stage in life and worked as an apprentice at C.F. Carlman at the age of 12. Charlotte Ramel studied jewellery at Sotheby’s in London and was awarded a Diamond Diploma at GIA where she also acquired the title of DG GIA. She further developed an expertise in antique jewellery when working for major Stockholm auction houses.
The story of her ancestor and the pearl necklace has fascinated Charlotte Ramel since she was a little girl. Combining her passion for jewellery and interest in history she founded Ebba Brahe jewellery in 2013.
Today, Ebba Brahe jewellery presents modern pieces inspired by the Renaissance, the time of Ebba Brahe when jewellery served as tokens of wealth, charms and form of religious symbolism. 

Ebba Brahe is the first Swedish brand that is represented in Ritz Paris since 2018.