The talisman

Necklace with gold bear claw and an amulet on an anchor link

75 800 SEK

The amulet

An amulet is a small object that has a specific ability to protect, aid in focusing, and amplifying a person’s power. Every religion in human history had their own small decorative objects intended for good luck, protection from harm, and bringing success and healing. The Ebba Brahe Talisman is intended to be your lucky charm, a dream catcher for one’s innermost wishes. So, unlock your wishes…

The bear claw

The bear in general symbolizes strength in the history of the native people around the world. And the bear claw as an amulet has since ancient times been believed to have both a protective power and has also been used in love magic.

The chain

The Anchor chain is a bold style of chain, which I like very much. It´s modelled on those found in the dockyards and ports to haul sea vessels of all sizes. This nautical chain link works very well as a Talisman chain with one or more of my collection of amulets.

Bear claw:
Metal: 18 k yellow gold. 33 gram solid gold
Width: 14 mm
Height: 30 mm

Carat: 0,45 Ct
Colour: TW
Clarity: VS
Cut: Round brilliant
Metal: 18k yellow gold
Width: 15 mm
Height: 15 mm

Chain: 2 mm round anchor link
Metal: 18k yellow gold
Length: 900 mm

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