Founder, Charlotte Ramel

Foto: Anne Nyblaeus

“My ambition is to create classic, beautifully crafted jewelry in a contemporary version” 


In the early 16th century, the young and beautiful Swedish court woman Ebba Brahe received a pearl necklace from the young king Gustaf II Adolf as a symbol of his eternal love and affection. Inspired by this 400 year old pearl necklace that still belongs to the family, and worn by Charlotte’s mother on very special occasions, the Ebba Brahe relative, Charlotte Ramel, founded Ebba Brahe Jewellery as a an exclusive jewelry brand in 2013.

Charlotte´s grandmother Hermine von Essen a glamorous and popular host in the Swedish society. Hermine is wearing the famous Ebba Brahe pearls from the 1600 back in the fifties.


Ebba Brahe Jewelry is not only named by her relative, but also inspired by the life of Ebba Brahe as a mother and a successful industrialist. Charlotte has always shown keen interest in history, the life of nobilities and of course: her ancestors. Charlotte’s grandfather Baron Rutger von Essen was for instance the last private owner one of the Swedish baroque castle Skokloster.  The idea was simple: To work as a true artist and artisan with the finest gems and pearls, found around the world. Charlottes’ jewelry is classic yet, often, with a twist. She brings a lot of inspiration from her noble background and the long family history but dares to mix it with the trendy details giving her fine pieces of jewelry a very distinctive style. 

The famous set of pearls from the 1600 as a gift of love to Ebba Brahe from the Swedish regent Gustaf II Adolf and inherited by the family von Essen and still worn by Charlottes mother at special occasions.


Charlotte was born 1971 in the historical university town, Uppsala, in Sweden. She has a big family and a French Bulldog named Doris. Already as a child Charlotte dreamt of being a jeweler and at the age of twelve, Charlotte’s mother made it possible for the young girl to practice at the famous Swedish jeweler C. F. Carlman, purveyor to the Swedish court. After studying various classes in Sweden, she went to London as a 23-year old, and graduated from a jewelry course at Sotheby’s. Charlotte lived in London for several years and during that time she got accepted to study at The GIA Institute, the world’s foremost authority on diamonds and colored stones. Here she took a diamond diploma. Charlotte Ramel has since then traveled the world visiting fairs and making purchases from the best suppliers of pearls, diamonds and colored stones in the worlds of precious gems.

Foto: Åsa Liffner

Charlotte and her faithful companion, the French bulldog, Ebba on summer stroll.


Charlotte´s experience and artisan training and craftmanship using diamonds and precious gemstones combined with her signature attention to details, has taken her all the way around the world. And to be the first Swedish jewelry designer at the famous luxury hotel The Ritz in Paris. In the hotels boutique windows you can see some of the Ebba Brahe iconic pieces of beautiful jewelry. For example the Diamond Wings and the Ruby Feathers.

Original letter from the family archives written by Ebba Brahe and some iconic pieces of jewelry from the Ebba Brahe collection.


“ I´m so happy and blessed to live and work in my favorite city, Stockholm. The light, the green parks, the museums, galleries and restaurants – all give me inspiration for my work”, Charlotte says. Charlotte has a keen sense of history, art and craft. But she is also an international globetrotter, open for ideas, always curious growing her network, wherever she goes from Florence, Basel, Hong Kong, New York and Jaipur.“Encounters with true enthusiast inspires me the most”, Charlotte says. 

Photo of the count Rutger von Essen, Charlotte´s grandfather in formalwear, attending a wedding ceremony.

Ebba Brahe, Countess and manager of property holdings and industrial enterprises and her husband Count Jacob De la Gardie. The couple got 14 kids, which Magnus Gabriel and Maria Sofia, became the most famous.